Being Implosive

For me, being an implosive person means that I bottle shit up and it all explodes one day from me shaking the bottle too much. I am the bottle and my piratic irrational rage is the carbonation volcano. Anger Management also has a great analogy for being an implosive person. Explosive are typically more temperamental, and irritate quicker.

I told my co workers recently that I am implosive. I can’t work here any more. Because one day I will take a bucket and slap a customer across the face with it. What a hyperbole. Would I ever do that? Maybe out of self defense but I’m a writer not a fighter. I can safely say thats not something I would ever do. I have very good control over my anger these days and usually just pretend to hit my boyfriend. Acting out on my rage never works out for me.

So now we are moving. Of course I just quit my very good paying job right before. That is something I would do. Walk away. Quit. People say that it’s a cowardice attribute but life is too short to stay in a place you’re miserable in. There will be other jobs, other times. But while Im here in Richmond, I’m going to make it as happy and productive as I can.


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