Why does the caged bird sing?

I’m going through a bunch of old rants that I never edited or published. So heres a couple, raw and unscripted. Most unconventional bull shit spewing out of my mercury ridden mouth.

I spend a vast majority of my time staring off into the distance, usually out of a window. Is a caged bird thing? Or me just zoning hard in deep contemplation over the hell that just arose from below. Maybe it’s all the weed. Maybe I just long to be outside in the trees, smelling the wind and leaves and being alongside my own kind. Nature. Since I say that I usually am staring out of a window, hence the caged bird reference, I clearly spend too much time inside. Which can really just turn me into a locked up bird singing insane songs of freedom and flight.


I hope this is a good change for us. I hope this doesn’t all tank into the ground like before. And I clearly dont deserve a type writer, I can barely type on a computer. FUck you mercury retrograde, I’m gonna come out of this on top. I will not let all of this bring me down. I will make it lift my spirit and overcome this paranoia and insecurity. Disregard the tangent.
Am I truly a caged bird? Or did i lock myself in here to get away from society and all the earthly trials i dont want to face? Am i afraid to leave my cage? Alone perhaps, but if i was able to defend my own honor I wouldn’t care about going out into the world alone. I guess none of this even really matters in the end. Thats the good part.


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