Richmond Daze

 I moved to Richmond, VA in September 2015. I moved for a job that didn’t work out, and moved in with a man whom it is working out, very well I might add. I’ve already had three different jobs, four to begin soon, and none of it is what I want to pursue in life. I just playing money monger with the people here and giving it all back to the city, government, and Patient First. Not to mention the local thrift stores and my employer including because I have secret shopping addiction and I can’t help but collect..sometimes hoard.

Since I’ve moved here, it seems like everything has gone down hill, except my relationship. That whole boat is another story so I won’t go into it in this spiel. The job wasn’t that good, the studio was miserable, no friends or even connections with old friends lasted or happened for that matter.  I couldn’t understand what was so wrong with this city. Things began to look up, a good job came along with cool people, doors began to open and bridges were built once again. It was good to be social in the right environment. It felt like it had been a long time since I made a linked with others besides my family, Hayden and his family. I enjoyed it. Then shit took a turn and now I’m back into the huge pile of horse shit that I just finished shovelling it into the corner.

That’s where I stand. In the shit but I haven’t fallen completely into it just yet. I’m urging to travel and be sociable. Getting that itch to switch gears and move into a new lane. *long sigh* But there’s a bumper to bumper traffic jam and I can’t get over. None of these assholes are going to let me cut in. In the meantime, I’ll crank the rock and roll music and get really good at what I love. Sewing, hooping, playing ukulele, weaving, and rolling on.

This little series will be dedicated to the fucked up and totally far out daze I’ve experienced while occupying the city of Richmond. I hope to climb more and find more hoopers. Be more active in the city. Join an environmental group, I don’t know. I do know what to write, I need a template, homework for fucks sake, I miss learning and growing. I stuck in a city of unnecessarily tall buildings and too many people caring about their image. I’m turning into a RVA kid and I won’t stand for it. My branches may waiver, but my trunk is rooted deep.


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