The Day I Saw a Dead Man

The day started typical and dull, as is every day in this fair-ish city. I was leaving my house to go into town to consign dream catchers at a local hippie shop. The usual route I go was blocked off by two police cars in each lane of the street. So I followed suit and took a left down 22nd street toward the entrance the the James River. College kids often go down there to drink booze and smoke whatever they have. A good time for any local or passerby and the occasional dog or two. I went down a hill and up a minute long, spiral, roundabout hoping I wouldn’t end up of the interstate. I didn’t thankfully and popped out at a familiar area on Belvidere.

I ended up not being able to do anything downtown because the damn shop was closed up for the day. Maybe she just late to open that day, but damnit i was there then and needed to proceed with our business. So I turned around and thought about where I should go next while walking the block back to my car. I wasn’t going to do shit. I thought very seriously about it but just felt defeated and wasted my time. I drove back home prepared to have a good sit and contemplation hour, when suddenly I saw cop cars surrounding the corner gas station and a white sheet in the road with a barefoot sticking out of the corner.

I was going far below the speed limit to rubberneck and see what all the fuss was about. There was a dead man in the road and cops talking with witnessing, pen and paper in hand. No media yet so it must have been recent. I also passed an ambulence speeding toward the scene.  I thought back to not twenty five minutes ago, those cops were probably blocking that because that had just happened! Pow! Mind blown, I just drove by a serious crime scene. Well, the most serious I’ve witnessed the aftermath of. I called my mother and was explaining what i just saw and screaming about the insanity of what I just saw. She agreed and said, “Wow that is crazy.” I called my boyfriend shortly after and we basically had the same conversation, only he saw the cop cars too and the body without the sheet! That was a the real twist.

I was mad at myself for not having my camera on hand or taking a phone photo either. Hayden didn’t take a photo either, We just aren’t those people who whip out their phone at the drop of a hat. I was too distracted and enthralled in the situation at hand, I was thinking about my phone. I was taking the best mental picture of my entire life and if I was a good painter I would recreate this scene on a canvas. Alas, I am not. I am a writer, typing or scribbling how I feel and what I see. It was just another one of those Richmond Daze.


The next day I told my co-workers about it and they heard it on the news. My manager pulled up the crime story on a local news site. >>>Click here to read the story<<<

That’s awful. Come on. Pedestrians Rule.


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