Audio Topia – Needle in the Hay



You know those songs that just bring you back in such a fast way that it can only described as some sort of space expedition rocket launch. And I’m the captain sitting at a 90 degree angle to my familiar gravity.

This song is very mellow and acoustic, so if your not into that move on. I am a sucker romantically inclined kind of gal and when a song like this comes around, I melt in my skirt onto the ground and down the hill. In a good way of course. I first heard this song featured in The Royal Tenebaums which has an incredible soundtrack to begin with but this particular song got stuck in my head and I can’t get it out. Like a cheesy love song only its a gloomy sit in the rain kind of song. Then you run outside and stomp in the mud.

Needle in the Hay has that sensation running through it, back and forth, on repeat, and rewind to play it again. That’s what this songs levels brings me to. New angles, while still being in the same rocket ship. ITs a moment of clarity, well rather 240 moments of them feels. You guys know what I’m talking about. Its a melancholy song over all but its overwhelming heaviness takes a toll on the way to audio topia. Its worth the ride.







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