She Began to Dream

My dream recall is coming back. Things have been looking up. A promotion and fixed car, who can complain? Nirvana is blaring in the background clouding my thoughts but I don’t want to turn it down because, well, its Nirvana, you don’t do that. Goosebumps are crawling up my leg, to my back and arms, its gotten to my neck right as the AC shuts off leaving me with Kurt Cobain screaming at me.

On the focused side, I’ve been having dreams that I can verbalize and write down in an instant. I don’t have that many yet, but the few that I’ve had have been wild and mostly lucid, my apathy for writing down my memories is shameful and dumb. I need this information; I’m at a huge cross roads with what I want to do with my life and love, and I’m flowing with the energy. My back hurts, I need yoga with the outside air away from the city’s smog.

I’ll get there soon. It’ll come sooner than I want i guarantee. Thats just my luck. Always testing. I’ll report back with the analysis and some other dream studies soon!

Much love, many blessings


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