Death to the American Dream

I’ve been very emotional lately and its making for some good prose so I’m sorry for the word spam.


it died long ago but the idea of it, is now seemingly dead. No longer are people trying to have the white picket fence life, not even the successful college grad and family theory has dissolved into dropouts, festheads and train hoppers. No longer is the American Dream a figment of the imagination, its leaped the page and has happened and died all in a century.

its evolved into something much bigger than any of the leathertramps and forest gypsies that have emerged and congregated due to lack of american influence. Were the millenials to the politicians but to us, were the future. We are the ones who are going to be suffering when big american money mongers destroy planet and move us to mars, which they’ve already began to do. We are the lovers and dancers that blossom after years of war and tiresome old isms that do nothing to unite this country or make this country great. Walls don’t solve problems. Unity does.

I was robbed at gunpoint and now my house of cards has been as helplessly blown over as the trees during a roaring hurricane. Ill be forced to move back into my boyfriends parents home, spend another $700 fixing my car, canceling utilities, and paying moving expenses. Thats a lot of money for me. Not for all Americans, but me being in the dis eased white poor female class, its rent for a shitty apartment next to the ghetto. Once we settle our debts and save some money, ill sell my car, and we’ll live out of some van we found on the internet, fulfilling our personal American Dream.

That has what it has come to in America. People are living out of there cars, living on the streets in trains and on the occasional couch if allowed. Its transformed into a Spartanic, transcendent minimalism. To be with nature and like minded people. Find your tribe, find your vibe kind of deal.


Every since I read Into the Wild, I’ve been obsessed with configuring my life into a simple, peaceful existence not attached to materials or anything else. The rise in Yoga certifications and buddhist followers has spiked immensely and people are becoming consumed with spiritual awakening yet spend a vast majority of time staring at screens and repeating days on auto pilot until they’ve all become a blur. I’ve now found my self watching CBS and having political conversations with my regular customers. I have let myself fall off the edge.

Speaking as a 23 year old millennial, I am not registered to vote. Nor do i ever plan to do so. You wouldn’t believe the amount of finger wags and shame on you’s i got working a local retail store in the richer parts of richmond. Even if I did vote, it would have MADE NO DIFFERENCE whatsoever. Jill Stein wasn’t going to win, not with these two puppets shoved down the publics throat. Thanks big news media peoples.


this next four years are going to be crucial and vital to the american people. we need to stick together and try not to let this frump of a man bring back decades of years that we’ve tried to fix americans views of other americans. WE ARE ALL AMERICAN. once known as the land of freedom and opportunity, turned into a joke and meem on the internet, with valley girl or southern accents. I can be better, we can be better.






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