Beginning My Trail of Dreams

A Journey to find America the Beautiful 


The first comment I get when I tell people im going to live out of a van is usually the same. There eyes widen a bit and they say “oh..yeah, wow okay”, and other vague gestures trying to hide the fact that it sounds completely absurd. As of lately, now that the van is in our life and its a tangible dream becoming reality, people seem to be wishful that they could have traveled when they were younger, or how they wish that they could just pack up and go like we’re doing. Every so often I get people who say, ‘Wow, thats going to be awesome, I used traveled a lot and i would definitely do it again if I could’.

For me, I simply wish to be home free, in a slightly different sense of the phrase. Home Freedom; a millennial, such as my self, is extremely open to the idea and is willing to reduce my carbon foot print via electricity, minimalism, and veganism. Along with other fun sustainable hobbies. Other people my age seem, in a way, envious because they aren’t able to detach from the safety of ‘home’ and parents, and the net they fall in if anything goes arye. Ive fallen in this net plenty of times. So many times it starts to wear out and I ended up hitting the concrete jungle floor. Now, I’m at a point where I no longer have to climb up some imaginary ladder, run in a hamster wheel, and please people who I don’t need to please. 


This has been a long term goal of mine for five years, actually since its the new year six years, and now finally after all these years its become a reality. It’s even better than I wanted, I’ll soon be living out of a 1989 Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon GL. Mechanically, its pristine. Cosmetically, doesn’t have rust, the front paint job is cool, but all in all it could use some TLC. Interior, is a blank canvas, a bare shell waiting for us to create a home and a life. A dream come true.

On top of my dreams jumping from my slumber into my waking life, this will ultimately lead to a more sustainable life. A transition of sorts; this will be the first major step toward the construction of the tiny house of my dream, complete with farm lands and many cats. This investment needs to be seen as such, its not a bad idea or a totally insane notion, its a smart one. Risky, yes one could say that, but I feel strongly it will work. I can feel the motivation flowing in my veins, I just need to get out of the familiar boxes of this place. Get rid of all those emotional purchases I acquired while in Richmond, Virginia. When the day comes, oh, there will be song, celebration, and fire spinning.


For 2017, I vow to write every day. Even if its a short paragraph. I want to share my journey as so many have. I want to prove to doctors and other diseased people that your life does have to be and uneasy one. You just have to work hard has hell and now what you want.




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