The Art of Commitment


So I just finished up watching/listening/embracing Torie Michelle Feldman‘s webinar for finding your medicine compass. Usually I don’t like to seek external help/ guidance from others (my darn aires moon), but this was truly heart opening. I could feel the radiant energy she holds and gives. This was a discussion about committing to your lives purpose, whatever it may be, and exploring ourselves, and realizing that we are READY to take action and share our gifts with the world.

Now, my issue is, what are my gifts? Writing, crystal healing of sorts, and dream studies are the oly things i feel i could fully offer people. So what am I committed to? I have no idea, I’ve got too many things pulling in all directions. I’m being drawn and quarter by the thunder horses in the sky and soon I’ll split off in all directions and see where I land. But I don’t feel I should like I should allow my self to be split in so many ways. I feel like I need to be guided to the HIGHEST calling. Is it dream analysis/dream work to help guide people into there own path? Is it yoga, crystal healing, movement therapy to help nurture and heal the body? Is it the written word and transmitting my message through the ink and pen? Is it sustainable living and sharing the insight and easy applications of ones life to better our holy earth? Is it to be a musician? An up cycling artist? An herbalist? A pot critic? A life coach? WHO THE HELL KNOWS?

I know. I know that I know. It just hasn’t surfaced yet. I pray it will come to me in my dreams, as many of life decisions have. I have been listening to my dreams since I was very , very young and still unknowing of what in the world these crazy images and symbols could be? I am confident that it will come to me, and when it does, everything will change.






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