Waterfalls of Distraction

Distractions are white rapids leading to a massive waterfall where once you’ve fallen off the edge you’re in completely different waters.

I am 23 years old. Some would say I’ve still got a lot of time, I’m still so young, etc etc. Any one remotely younger than me sees me as ‘old’ but in a way that it just sounds so far away from their young and lively 18 year old mind, or 7 year old mind of my niece. However, old or young, I was brought up in the age of technology. I am a millennial, I am the indigo generation, I am part the tech era explosions, and the baby boomers but thankfully I am not in that category 😉

Being brought up in this time frame with the turn of the century, and the rapid growth and expansion of technology, I have undiagnosed ADHD. Me and plenty of other twenty-somethings have this issue and don’t care to resolve it, or we simply don’t realize we have it. Some do know they have it and chose to self medicate with adoral or other prescription bull shit i refuse to put in my body. My mind is already chemically altered, I don’t need any other molecules messing up the progress I’ve worked hard to fix.

Team of creative people taking a break and using computer.

I realized I truly had ADHD when I went to the eye doctors for an exam because I was having horrible ocular headaches. The test was the EXACT same they used to give out to children. You put your face into this goggle kind of machine and look at the center dot. Any time there was another dot of light you had to press a button. Well it was long and drawn out and it made me uncomfortable for some reason, and when I spoke with the eye doctor he said I had some managed to trick the machine, and I was far-sighted. I tricked the machine because every so often I just didn’t hit the button because it was going to fast and I was zoning off about something else. ADHD? Who knows, and who cares.

Regardless of the undiagnosed nonsense, I still get easily distracted because every where I look there are always stimuli of any and every kind. A phone, a laptop, an iPad, an apple tv, netflix, xbox, ps3, and other screens that cause me ocular headaches. At Torie Michelle Feldman’s webinar yesterday she said something fantastic that resonated with me.

‘Distraction is the shadow of commitment’



This new year I’m trying not be as distracted as last year. I’m trying to commit myself to what it is a truly desire and need to have a fulfilling life. I vow to write every day, 365 days this year, and I’m off to a good start. It’s very hard no to immediately dart to my phone when I hear any noise coming from it. I’m taking a page from Tories book and only posting on social media, no scrolling, only posting. It’s extremely difficult to discipline myself when I’ll I want to do it look at other peoples pages and be inspired. But thats not what I NEED. What does being envious of other peoples lives do for me? Does scrolling and liking serve me or serve other people? It serves the ego in every way, but not the higher self.

I DO NOT WISH TO BE CAUGHT IN THE RAPIDS OF DISTRACTION. And if I do, that’s okay, I’m human, I’m a millennial. We were conditioned to be like this and live blindly in a world of distraction. Its a separation tactic and I do not want to be a part of it. I will praise it for a moment though because it has done wonders connecting strong, like minded people with others like them.



Artwork by Amanda Sage


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