To Infinity and Beyond


a prose about optimism; the best medicine for a cynic

There was a time when I felt like I was never ending. Like the children’s movie, about so many deeper things than two boys and a princess, as if I would never die.

I was expansive and luminous. Nothing could knock me down, I feared nothing and no one, and felt as if everything I wanted to accomplish was at the tip of my fingers.

I felt infinite.

That’s a feeling you don’t forget. I think most people should have this feeling once in their lives and if you’ve had it, you know it. Maybe it was riding on some roller coaster that stopped at the very top, and it seemed like you could live in that one breath forever. Then the coaster dropped you a thousand feet back down into a swirl of loops and whip-lash inducing turns. Until finally the ride was over.

That is the moment I live in.

I may not always feel it, but I remember the feeling like the smell of your grandmothers house.

When I feel the shadows creeping from beneath my feet, and the sun moves behind the clouds causing your neck hairs to stand as straight as the light post your staring up, I try hard to remember that feeling. It doesn’t always happen. Its soooo much easier to be a cynical, pessimist. Its so easy to be that asshole that brings down the room because you comment the simplest of facts such as,


It’s easy to feel limited, especially in America where we teach our children that your born, you live, you die, the end. Which brings me back to the infinite.

Life is a cycle, just as nature is. Its not a line, its a circle

My favorite thing about spreading that philosophy is the expression YOLO that arose a couple years ago. ย My retort to anyone who would use that awful acronym would be..


Not that I’m a Buddhist but I believe what eastern religions teach, that you don’t only live once. Maybe in this life, this body once but your spirit lives on and goes on and is ultimately



6 thoughts on “To Infinity and Beyond

  1. “… we teach our children… ” Besides regular education … Why? I’ve been struggling with this question for a while.
    I agree with you on infinite life. What we don’t know, we don’t know: how can we define?

    • well, that’s one of those questions that religion fills in for us, that why we turn to it in times of helplessness, etc. But I’ve tried to explain to my 7 year old niece that when one thing dies another is born, and a good analogy she can grasp is that we are all rain drops that fall to the earth, evaporate, reform and then fall again. Its a hard notion to define for anyone. Thanks for the comment! โค

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