Like many Americans, we’ve decided to cut our loses and scale down from paying rent, utilities, wasting energy in an apartment we’re never in, and live small in a big way.


We named him DR. VANAGONZO because (for me especially) Hunter Thompson is a great inspiration of ours and Gonzo style of participation (journalism) is what we intend to do. This is one band wagon we are happy to jump on. Most of the time we just call him


We’ve sat around and witnessed many instagrammers and bloggers living the van life, and I gotta say its an upgraded ideal of some twilight version of the gold rush. A gold rush to live a minimal, simple life where you can be as mobile as you need to be. Or as immobile as you please, hence the hash tag HOME IS WHERE YOU PARK IT.

Its an ideal lifestyle for our nomadic generation of millennials, always restless and curious. Itching to see that alleged America the beautiful we would sing about in our elementary days. And see it we shall, with a front row view and an open sky ahead.


My nephew trying to have another jump session with Doc

There’s much to be done and we’re gonna be wandering 757 for a while trying to get the van road ready.

Doc is currently experiencing some exhaust and starting problems so he had to go see a man about a horse.  Our first priorities are the flooring and basic insulation of it. We’ve definitely taken on a huge project but this is something we are invested in and are eager to gain insight from.

In times like now, when the economy for middle class 20 somethings is a vicious cycle of work and pay, the amount of energy we were paying for and not even using was RIDICULOUS.

We want to be conscious of our footprint on the earth. We want to lead a simple life while doing minimal damage to our already polluted home. We don’t need an excessive amount of space or stuff.

In time, we’ll do a Subaru conversion to the van to maximize fuel efficiency as well.

And have solar panels hooked up for fully sustainable power.

But for now, Doc’s got to get himself up and running again. Until then.




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