Goals vs. Dreams

Both are attainable. Both are visible to your minds eye and easily expressed if someone asked,

“What are your goals? What are your dreams?”

They’re not always the same thing

But they are both a marathon nonetheless.

They take time to become tangible.

Patience for it to evolve into reality.

Diligence wrapped in determination.

I am a dreamer.

Does that make me a goaler too?

My dreams will take a lifetime to achieve.

My goals can be obtained in a matter of years.

Life is a fucked up marathon that never ends. Until it does.

And such as it is, that’s one marathon no one looks forward to finishing.

Dreams keep me motivated.

Goals piss me off then bring about self loathing and disappointment.

Both engulf our time. Working toward whatever.

Life, in retrospect, will be discouraging then rewarding.

It’ll be chaos, then peace.

The thing about marathons is you can’t stop.

You’ve got to carry on.

Keep on, keeping on.




One thought on “Goals vs. Dreams

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