its the simple things

The common phrase used is ‘enjoy the little things’

In my opinion, nothing is truly little, if you believe that it all happens with purpose, everything is a butterfly effect of another that holds meaning and is a big impact even if it is a butterfly crossing your path.

So my evolved vision of that phrase is

enjoy the simple things

Everything should be enjoyed. From the shitty trenches to the highest mountain tops of your life. But its those tiny, trivial simplicities of life that we all should appreciate and remember to enjoy. Most of those things get overlooked and taken advantage of because they are so small and seemingly insignificant.

Like a cup of coffee

Or someone letting you go first at a stop sign

Those simple acts of the universe are the ones that should be revered and be used to remind us that we are eternally grateful for this body and this breath.

Thats just my subjective experience.

The simple things should be enjoyed; the wind, a rainbow, the crazy tall skyscraper that blocks your view of the ocean.

Although I disagree with that last one, its still something I am amazed with and grateful for because I could never do that shit, but its still an incredible work of the collective whether its good or bad is all subjective.

But just keep in mind, enjoy the simple things because nothing in (my) life is little.


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