So you wanna be a writer kid? well whoopty do!


I was singing that in the style of the movie Hercules…just replace writer with hero…


In my eyes, they are nearly the same thing.

Words and books have changed my life. They have saved me from this chaotic world and the crazies that inhabit it (myself included). They’re the inspiration and foundation of any good writers humble beginnings.

I realized that I don’t write (or read) nearly as often as I used to because I don’t make time for it, I get lazy and uninspired, netflix finds its way to my eyes.. I know the truth. I know we all binge watch it, with their damned Stranger Things and The OA (my new favorite inspo). Its an international addiction thats completely acceptable.

Well I don’t like being consumed in my screens. If I had a typewriter I would use only that but those are expensive. So a laptop is my weapon of peace in a time of rising wars.



read every day too of course

then yoga breaks

because I’m cramping and the winter air stiffens my bones to the brink of torture.

It’s the best therapy I know. I shine here. Silently typing behind a screen. Snapping a photo or two to expand those thousand words I captured into a short story to inspire.

It helps to quiet my monkey mind. Excessive screens give me ocular headaches. I sleep better at night.

So this year to come will be book reviews/discussions a plenty, dream tips and honing your own mind to understand dream meanings, music I’ve wrote last year, movement therapy (hooping), and herbalism I’ve studied lately to help treat ailments and remedy the body instead of taking legal drugs the ‘doctors’ give us.




The Art of Commitment


So I just finished up watching/listening/embracing Torie Michelle Feldman‘s webinar for finding your medicine compass. Usually I don’t like to seek external help/ guidance from others (my darn aires moon), but this was truly heart opening. I could feel the radiant energy she holds and gives. This was a discussion about committing to your lives purpose, whatever it may be, and exploring ourselves, and realizing that we are READY to take action and share our gifts with the world.

Now, my issue is, what are my gifts? Writing, crystal healing of sorts, and dream studies are the oly things i feel i could fully offer people. So what am I committed to? I have no idea, I’ve got too many things pulling in all directions. I’m being drawn and quarter by the thunder horses in the sky and soon I’ll split off in all directions and see where I land. But I don’t feel I should like I should allow my self to be split in so many ways. I feel like I need to be guided to the HIGHEST calling. Is it dream analysis/dream work to help guide people into there own path? Is it yoga, crystal healing, movement therapy to help nurture and heal the body? Is it the written word and transmitting my message through the ink and pen? Is it sustainable living and sharing the insight and easy applications of ones life to better our holy earth? Is it to be a musician? An up cycling artist? An herbalist? A pot critic? A life coach? WHO THE HELL KNOWS?

I know. I know that I know. It just hasn’t surfaced yet. I pray it will come to me in my dreams, as many of life decisions have. I have been listening to my dreams since I was very , very young and still unknowing of what in the world these crazy images and symbols could be? I am confident that it will come to me, and when it does, everything will change.





Virginia Beach Sessions 

  (sorry the wrap is actually facing the down, i’ll post the front face with the crystal report! )
The glorious north end beach. It wasn’t crowded, I found a free parking spot open which was miraculous on a Friday. And I decided to meditate with my crystals and my circle. I came to see how much I would miss this. The earths end, tide cycles, moon lite waters of night. Hoopin made me very optimistic for richmond though. I’m praying I find some new humans that I feel comfortable around, same for my love but he’s very like able.

Amethyst citrine and ruby zoisite ✨the wrap is by Ethereal wraps and the ruby zoisite bracelet is something I made quickly so I could wear the stone close.  After the session in Savasana I decided to hoop to the tides, I mess up a few times, but no ones perfect and this was just some raw practice. Enjoy!

That One Lucky Time


Once upon a time, there was a hopeful girl. She tried her luck in a simple giveaway. Three posts later, she saw her name in lights, so to speak. She was so honored to have this extraordinary crystal shelf set. Her co-workers were very confused by her tears and hollers of “Oh my stars!!” So now she played to craziest game of all, the waiting game. FullSizeRender (7)The day finally came and the package had arrived. She saw the mail man and dashed to meet him as fast as a little dog would out of territorial instinct! Sure enough it was the gifts from a far away land by just as far out artists. Skills and knowledge, Form and Finish partnered with Etheral Wraps  to put together a prize package containing an assortment of crystals and handmade homes for them. Brown paper and a whole lot of bubble wrap later, the prizes had been in sight.
FullSizeRender (9)The lucky girl immediately opened the box upon arrival, and it had a perfect spot in her alter. The array of gems and crystals, polished and rough shone in the afternoon sunlight of her window. Charging up, preparing for the Blue Moon approaching, she arranged them with her other crystals in her south facing sill. A candle light vigil later, her new friends had been initiated into her life and attuned to her energy. “What a lucky human!” She thought to herself, “I’m so honored, it’s such a graceful blessing.”


p.s. i’ll post a full report on each crystal as i work with them, ten total! quartz generator, moonstone, black tourmaline, a quartz cluster, red dyed amethyst, raw aquamarine, celestite, mongolian calcite, polished unakite, and a clear as day amethyst ~

Therapeutic Thursday

This shall be the ‘what’ portion of the five basic writing tools mini-series I started a few Saturdays ago~

FullSizeRender (5)

Why the hell are you sitting mindlessly in front of an 11 inch screen with the Pioneer Woman in the background?

Does this blog have a purpose? Why would anyone care to read your writings?

Well negative nancy, this blog is for me. Typing is fun, I really enjoy it, and I’m darn fast when I know what I’m writing. I love to write with pen and paper too, but I can get more out when I’m tap dancing away on some plastic letters. People can read whatever they want. If they like it, thank you for following and I appreciate your support. And if they don’t, go to one of the other millions of websites there are.

Writing has turned my life around, from dream analysis to music reviews. I love this trade. I’ve made it into a form of meditation, I set up a sort of alter, and zone into this world of intention and personal truth with some opinion on the side. This blog has been a blessing for mental health. There’s something grossly satisfying about getting all out in language and written word.

My expressive outlook on my immediate and global surroundings. I’m here to write my story, keep an archive for the kids to read when I’m old. It’s all for love in the end.

Photo Source: My grandma 🙂

Self love Saturday

As usual I’ve been very neglectful of my blog. I’ve had a whole lot going on from finally owning a car again, to looking for new homes in a new city. I’ve been in an online intensive, basically a class, and that’s taken up a good amount of free time because it has homework and group meetings. I’ve also been experimenting with podcasts so I’ve been speaking instead of writing, since time hasn’t been on my side. I just have to figure out some technical issues before posting them.

So I’m going to begin again with little bit about the 5 basics of writing and journalism (who what when where why), and those will be the launching of a new leaf. I love turning new leaves 😊 the new moon has just passed so that is my inspiration. Today I shall begin with a little who…


My name is Tayler. I began calling myself Tally when a customer at work asked me “what’s your name?” The question didn’t make sense since I had a name tag on, then he rephrased and asked “what would you like to be called?” And Tally was born.

No one has ever asked me that question, so I though of that name from a series of books by Scott Westerfeld. I associated with the main character and her name just came to mind. Later on I realized it could be an anagram for my full name as well, which I just thought was near.

I turned 22 this past June. This was the first birthday I had celebrated in two years. The past few I’ve gotten sick the week of my birthday and was too miserable to do anything.

I hoop and dance. I sing and write. I recycle and craft. I really enjoy reading and hiking, And I practice/study different philosophies. Diving into Divine Presence and breath work has molded me into the eclectic spiritualist I am today.

I was born I Key West, Florida but grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Although I didn’t stay for long after I got my first car. I’ve visited North Carolina, Nebraska, New York, Arkansas, Missouri, and West Virginia. One day I will see the other 42 states.

I am a stereotypical dreamer, and usually if I have to motivation to accomplish it, goals will be reached, dreams will be reality. I’m too curious and indecisive, but that’s always led me into some crazy circumstances for the best.





then this short video

now this last one


Still think racism is dead? it just fell under the surface.