Sing louder

I haven’t ever published anything with me actually singing. This isn’t a very good video, I’m being very shy and conscious of the sleeping person in another room. 

I am making a conscious effort to sing more, louder, and share it. In person or viral. This will be the only blog to have these. Not YouTube, not Tumblr , Facebook, instagram, or Pinterest. Damn I hate how many social media sites I have. 

I do not like my singing voice. I really hate my standard speaking voice. However, the feedback I’ve gotten on the street and in the trees is positive so..

Here I am.

Soul meets body – death cab for cutie 

Accidental love 

In the tall grass, 

here we lay 

under the night stars 

so far a way. 

Making up 


in your arms 

I felt so small 

just so far 

from it all 

and if I could tell you my truth 

I’d tell you that you are everything 

I want and more. 

So I’ll tell you the truth 

you mean more to me 

than the moon and stars and the moon

Western society, patient. Yet again.

Go Get Grounded 

It’s funny Virginia Beach has been my grounding space. Every time I travel and go away, run away, fly instead of fix, flight instead of fight, I suppose I end up doing something wrong and my punishment is coming back here. To this place where I’ve grown the most. I always saw that as a bad thing but when you’re grounded.. the word in itself.. you are grounded, in need to get back to this earth, remember what’s important. No TV, no distractions, nothing fun, etc. sit and read. It’s difficult getting back on your path, becoming grounded because it’s easy to forget, lose sight. easy to get lost in the millions and trillions of megabytes and pixels of phone and internet data. 

Being grounded is a blessing. 

it is truly helpful. I never really got grounded when I was a kid but I tell myself these words regularly. stay grounded, don’t lose your head in the clouds. You’ll dissolve just as they will, falling down into the earth and evaporating into the masses. 

 Don’t stay up in the air for too long, you’ll forget what gravity feels like.